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Emotional Understanding

Aim 3: Foster an emotional understanding of ourselves and others

We have a three-tiered graduated approach to supporting mental health and wellbeing at Woodlea Primary.

At Woodlea, we teach our pupils to be kind, open-hearted and empathetic. We help them learn about their own feelings and what makes them feel great and not so great. We help them imagine what it is like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Our pupils develop a clear sense of social responsibility and this means learning about the needs, desires and aspirations of others. From the moment children begin their journey through Woodlea Primary School, we focus on social and emotional development, and we don’t stop. We do this through play, conversation, Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA), group discussion, campaigning and being politically active.

Tier 1 - Core Provision

Most children thrive with our ‘Tier 1’ core provision. Click here to read in more detail.

Our core provision for social and emotional development is through three main aspects of learning:

Tier 2 - Therapeutic Support

Some children will require greater support to increase their emotional literacy than others. ELSA is an initiative developed and supported by educational psychologists. It recognises that children learn better and are happier in school if their emotional needs are also addressed.

The Emotional Literacy Support Assistant at Woodlea Primary school has been trained by Educational Psychologists to plan and deliver programmes of support for pupils who are experiencing temporary or longer term additional emotional needs. The majority of ELSA work is delivered on an individual basis, but sometimes small group work is more appropriate, especially in the areas of social and friendship skills. Sessions are fun, we use a range of activities such as: games, role-play, arts and craft and mindfulness meditation.

You can read more about ELSA here.

Tier 3 - External Support

Sometimes children need a more bespoke approach if their needs are more acute or if group therapies haven’t been effective.

If you would like to make an appointment to speak to about additional help, please contact Miss Crowfoot (SENDCO) through the school office.