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School Fund


Woodlea is a great school but with your help we can make it an amazing one!

Government funding for schools continues to decrease year on year, these cuts mean we have to focus on core educational needs and cut back on the extras.

We are asking that you make a school fund contribution of £5 per month, per child - an extra 25p per pound donated will be added on through Gift aid. Contributions of smaller amounts will be gratefully received, and contributions of higher amounts are equally welcome.

Please complete the below standing order and gift aid form and return it to the school office.

Woodlea has a dedicated charitable fund that was set up to support the school, this fund is used for the direct enjoyment and experience of the children.

Past purchases made with this fund include:

  • Developing the paddock into a sports court
  • Science and technology equipment for whole class participation
  • New learning software
  • Built an IT suite with new computers, laptops and tablets for whole class participation
  • Upgraded and replaced all interactive whiteboards and projectors 
  • Restocked the library with up to date non-fiction books, following the PTA funded refurbishment 

We have a wish list and your monthly support will mean we are able to:   

  • Develop the pond and outdoor area
  • Redo the playground markings
  • Organise workshops and enrichment activities
  • Diversify school books 
  • Buy art and design resources

The school Governors and staff are continually looking at ways to enhance your children’s school experience and many people already support these endeavours, if you feel that you can help in ways other than monetary please do contact the governing body and share your ideas.   

Many thanks for your support. We do really appreciate it!