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School Meals

Woodlea is equipped with its own kitchen, staffed by a cook and kitchen assistants for the provision of daily midday meals. The meals are of excellent quality and conform to the nutritional standards set by the Governments 'Food Standards' for school lunches which forms part of the 'The School Food Plan'. We pride ourselves on providing traditional homemade food sourcing our ingredients from local suppliers wherever possible.  We provide freshly baked bread, desserts, custards, biscuits and cakes. All sauces for pasta, meats etc are freshly made in school and many are vegetable based. 

It is our aim that children who have school lunch try to eat a little of everything.  This encourages children to be more adventurous in their eating habits.  If there are medical reasons why a child should not eat certain foods, parents are asked to notify us in writing.

There is also provision for children to eat a packed lunch.  Parents are asked to bear in mind that whatever is in a packed lunch box should be eaten at lunchtime.  We cannot accept responsibility for food lost from containers or breakages.  Children should not bring a drink; water is provided for all children in the dining hall.  Parents providing packed lunches are asked to remember that we are a ‘healthy school’ and that children’s packed lunches should conform to healthy eating guidelines which are available upon request.  Sweets,  chocolates and crisps are not permitted.

KS2 - Payment for Meals

Payment for meals should be made on-line and must be paid in advance.  Termly or half-termly payments are preferred.  Any meals paid for but not eaten because of absence or illness will be credited automatically. If parents wish their children to stop having school lunches at any time during the school year we require a clear week’s notice, as the food has to be ordered in advance.

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are eligible for a free meal through the Universal Infants Free School Meal Scheme.


Free School Meals/Pupil Premium

If you think your child may be eligible for free school meals, please contact the School Office for an application form or follow the link below - the details of the eligibility criteria are on the form.  The information provided on the form will be used by Strictly Education 4S, Surrey County Council's agent, to check eligibility for free school meals.  All applications are treated confidentially.

Parents are strongly encouraged to apply for free school meals even if their child receives a government funded meal in KS1 or they prefer their child to have a packed lunch, as this attracts valuable additional Pupil Premium funding for the school, which will also be used to give extra support to their child.

For further information on how the school uses Pupil Premium funding visit the 'Parents' section of the website.

Download Pupil Premium Application Form for Years R to 2 here.
Download Free School Meal Eligibility and Pupil Premium Application Form for Years 3 to 6 here.

Packed Lunch

Children may bring a packed lunch to school.  We encourage healthy eating.  Please refer to our lunchbox guidelines here for the types of food you should provide for your child.


Sweets, chocolates, crisps etc are not permitted in school.  Pupils up to the end of Year 2 benefit from the Government ‘Fruit in School’ scheme, which provides a piece of fruit for every child on a daily basis.  Older children are encouraged to bring fruit to eat at break time.  All children have access to water in school and in the playground.  Children are also encouraged to bring a bottle of water to school.


All children under the age of 5 are provided with a free carton of milk every day.  This service is provided by a company called Cool Milk Ltd.  Milk for children above the age of 5 can also be ordered but charges apply.

For more information, see our Milk section.