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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an INSET day?

An INSET day is a training day for teachers.  There are five of these during the course of the school year and children do not attend school on these days.  We try to give as much notice as possible for these and they are generally on either a Monday or a Friday. 

Where are the children allowed to play before and after school?

We are very conscious that at the start and end of the school day the school grounds are very busy and in particular there are young children and buggies.  For the children’s safety we ask that they remain on the playground during these times.    Children are not allowed to play in the woods or on the trim trail and ball games are not allowed.

What is a ‘mufti’ day?

A ‘mufti’ day is when children are allowed to come into school wearing their own clothes.  These days usually take place when we are asking the children to contribute to something happening in school e.g. bringing items for the Christmas fair.  These days are always advertised in the Woodlea Word.  Although the children are allowed to wear their own clothes, regulations about the wearing of jewellery and tied back hair still apply.  It is also important to ensure that shoes are suitable for wearing in school.

Where Can I Park?

Parking around school is always difficult.  The most important points relate to the use of Long Hill.  There is no parking at all in Long Hill in the mornings.  Long Hill is used in the mornings by parents of older children who turn in the turning circle at our walk in entrance lower down Long Hill.  If there are cars parked in Long Hill this affects the flow of traffic and causes congestion at the top of the road.

At the end of the day parents may park in Long Hill but only on the school side of the road below the main school entrance.  Again any parking at the top end of Long Hill    restricts the flow of traffic.  High Drive is a completely private road and no parking is permitted at any time.

How is information sent home?

General information and our weekly newsletter the ‘Woodlea Word’ is almost always sent home via email to the primary contact. Information that requires a response and PTA information may be sent home with the children in their book bags.  It is important to check their bags on a daily basis for any urgent messages and in particular first aid reports.  We also use a text messaging system for occasions where we have to notify large groups of parents at short notice e.g. in the event of a last minute club cancellation.  It is therefore vital that we have up to date email addresses and mobile phone numbers at all times.

I’ve got something to hand in to school. Where should I put it?

There is a green tray just inside the office window. Just place your correspondence in the tray and it will be dealt with or forwarded to the correct person.

How do I make payments to school?

Our preference is that any transactions are made on-line via our Scopay system.  When you are required to make a first payment we will send you a code and instructions to be able to access your account. The office will accept cash payments if you are unable to make on-line payments.

What happens if I am late dropping off my child or late picking up?

If you are late in the mornings (after 9am) please bring your child round to the office so that they can be signed in.  If you are late at the end of the day children will be brought to wait in the entrance hall and can be collected from there.  Please notify a member of the office staff before taking your child home.  If you know you are going to be late please telephone the office as soon as possible so they can notify the class teacher.

How do I find out what is on the menu?

School lunch menus are put on the outside noticeboards and the School Website.  

Who do I approach if I would like to help in school?

Class teachers are always pleased to hear from parents who are able to offer some time to help in the classroom.  We do not start this during the first term in reception to give children time to settle into classroom routines but are always keen to hear from parents after this.  We now have to apply for DBS clearance for regular helping parents and the office staff will be happy to advise on this.

What do I do if my child has lost something?

If items of clothing are named they will always be returned to the class.  Any other lost property is kept in the bench seats in the porch and you are able to go and check at any time.  If your child comes out of school without an item of clothing and you wish to check whether it has been left in the cloakroom please feel free to do so.  It is helpful if you wait until after all the children have come out of school at the end of the day when cloakrooms are clear and it is easier to look for missing items.

When does my child need PE kit in school?

PE kit should be in school all week.  Although the children have set PE times, these can be subject to alteration and it is helpful if PE kit is always available.  If your child has forgotten their kit, we are usually able to provide kit for them to wear.  If kit is borrowed, please wash it at home and return to school as soon as possible.

When are parent consultation evenings?

Parent consultation evenings take place before the October half term and before the February half term.  The purpose of these consultations is to provide an opportunity for a brief review of your child’s progress so far this year, both in academic terms and in terms of social development. We will have contacted you already if we have identified any specific areas for concern.  If you have any specific issues which cannot be dealt with in this short time your child’s class teacher will be happy to make another appointment for you to discuss things in more depth.  In the summer term you will receive a written report on your child’s progress.

What do I do if I have any concerns about my child?

Class teachers are always willing to talk to you about any concerns you may have and we do urge parents to raise concerns sooner rather than later.  A good time to catch teachers for a quick word is at the end of the school day and if they, or you, feel it is necessary, they can arrange a longer appointment for you.